Note:  Illinois FTC registration has changed. 

We've made some changes to try and ease the registration process for IL FTC teams.  

  • FTC Teams will no longer use the coach login button or Illinois registration system. 
  • Please make sure your contact information is correct at FIRST, and use the information below to pay for Illinois registration. 

Overview of Registration

The following steps summarize the registration process for the 2022-23 FTC season.:

  1. Complete national FIRST Registration, $295, or apply for a FIRST® registration grant

  2. Pay FIRST Illinois Robotics $225 for registration in one league by September 30, 2022
    (on 10/1, registration increases to $250)

  3. Teams will be notified of registration results by October 15, 2022

National Registration Details:

Start by registering the team on FIRST®

  1. Go to

  2. Select "Sign up" or "Login"

  3. Follow FIRST® team registration instructions: 

Pay FIRST Illinois Robotics for Regular Season Play:

All teams need to pay $225 for regular season play in Illinois.   There are several options:

To pay online via Paypal/Credit Card

Registration option
Team number(s)

Note: to pay for multiple teams, change the quantity on the next payment screen

To pay by check or PO

FIRST Illinois Robotics
PO Box 82
Prospect Heights, IL  60070-0082

Include your team number(s) with the check.

Use this blank invoice if one is required.